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Lemonade Day Alaska Southeast is June 11, 2016


          The objective of Lemonade Day Alaska is to give children of all socio-economic backgrounds, in all neighborhoods, the opportunity to learn about starting their own business. We will have more than 500 Southeast Alaskan registrations for Lemonade Day Alaska

          In 2015, 500 backpacks with work books were handed out to children in SE Alaska for Lemonade Day Alaska. Approximately 300 kids registered with the help of caring adults, and put up lemonade stands across the region. We hope to have even more participation this year, plus more volunteers to help make this happen!  You can bring Lemonade Day Alaska to your town, too!

           Within the entire state of Alaska, approximately 2,200 kids registered with a caring adult and put up lemonade stands across Alaska. What a great success! We are looking forward to this year! This program is important because we are seeing these kids grow to become Alaska's young entrepreneurs, and the next generation of business owners in Alaska! The program is free for all kids, but we couldn't do it without our sponsors...Thank you! Contact today to become a sponsor.

Lemonade Day is a nation-wide event that teaches kids the skills they need to be successful in the future. Youth learn to set goals, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, provide customer service, and give back to the community. Lemonade Day is the perfect opportunity for a community to show kids they care, and to train the next generation of entrepreneurs through a FREE, fun, engaging, and experiential activity.


Online registration is now open to all kids & adults! Go to After you complete the registration you can pick up a back pack at the Juneau downtown Wells Fargo Bank or at the Southeast Conference office, 612 Willoughby Avenue Suite B

Young people participate for FREE.  It begins when they register to participate and receive a Lemonade Day backpack full of resources. The young person and a caring adult complete each lesson together. Youth of all ages, pre-K through high school, can participate at no cost. Youth put their new knowledge and skills to work when they open for business on June 11 with their very own lemonade stand.

Past Success: Anchorage held its first Lemonade Day in 2011 with more than 1100 kids participating. These youth sold 91,000 glasses of lemonade, earned revenues of $149,000 and contributed more than $19,000 to local charities.

Community Event: there are opportunities for participation for families, businesses, schools, youth and community organizations, as well as faith-based groups. All can unite for a common purpose – training the next generation of entrepreneurs.

For More Information: 

Phone: 907-586-4360, e-mail:

612 W. Willoughby Ave. Suite B, Juneau


 Simone Jaggers, Lemonade Day State Coordinator


Consider being a sponsor or supporter of Lemonade Day Alaska! 

As a supporter you can represent Lemonade Day directly in our communities, spreading the word and building the excitement around Lemonade Day – we couldn't do it without you!  Here are some things that you or your business can do to support Lemonade Day in your community --

Our Objective: We aim to spread the word about Lemonade Day, while gathering support and business partnerships.

Business Participation:  Get excited!  Our top priority is to promote the youth entrepreneurs because they are our future business owners, so helping out even a little bit can make a large impact on a child’s life. This is the first part of inspiring youth to participate in the structure of their community.  Even if you don’t participate as a supporter, you can inspire our youth to follow their dreams and beyond. 

Support The Youth – Tell everyone you know to go buy lemonade on Lemonade Day!