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Southeast Alaska by the Numbers 2017

Last year was a tough year for the Southeast Alaska economy. Jobs and workforce earnings were down for the first time since 2007. Population dropped for the second year in a row, the first losses in a decade as well. The reason for our economic distress is clear. Dropping oil prices combined with falling oil production have drastically reduced the state’s share of oil earnings, which previously provided up to 90 percent of the state’s unrestricted revenues. Last year was also the worst year for our seafood sector in over a decade. However, there is also good news.

Cari-Ann Carty, Executive Director Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium

Ms. Carty was appointed executive director of the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium in March of 2015. In addition to having more than 20 years of leadership experience in Alaska, Cari-Ann has an abundance of enthusiasm for education and a deep passion for Alaska. She holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Alaska Pacific University, and a certificate of nonprofit management from University of Alaska Fairbanks. Prior to her appointment as executive director, she held several positions at APICC, including program coordinator, manager, and deputy director.

Jason Custer

As Business Development Director for Alaska Power & Telephone Company, Jason Custer works to advance a wide range of utility projects, including cutting-edge renewable energy and fiber optic projects benefitting rural Alaskan communities.  Custer serves on the Board of Directors for Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP), Haida Energy, and the Lynn Canal Transmission Corporation.  He is Past President of the Chamber of Commerce in his home town of Ketchikan, and a co-founder of the Ketchikan Marine Industry Council.  Custer is a returned US Peace Corps volunteer, who served as an aquacu

Sierra Callis

Sierra Callis began her career in shipbuilding and repair following completion of her technical training in welding and fitting at Alaska Vocation Technical Institute (AVTEC) in Seward.  Sierra earned her journey status while helping fabricate the new ferry M/V Tazlina at the Ketchikan Shipyard.  In January of 2017, Sierra was selected to lead Vigor’s skill building program at the Ketchikan Shipyard.

Anthony Mallott: President and CEO, Sealaska

Anthony Mallott was named Sealaska president and CEO in May 2014. Mallott earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University. He came to Sealaska in 2006 to serve as Sealaska’s chief investment officer and treasurer. As a result he has deep experience in financial and investment management. As chief investment officer, he was responsible for the direction of treasury activities of the company and the management of corporate investment funds.