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The Value of Alaska's Marine Highway in 25 Stories

We asked the people who experience the marine highway’s benefits first hand to describe its value: the mayors, tribal leaders, business owners, tourism directors, fishermen, economic development experts, and other community leaders. These Alaskans’ stories weave together to form a single tale: Transportation is the lifeblood of coastal communities, and a strong ferry system is essential to local economic development, quality of life, and community well-being. There are 35 ports spanning 3,500 miles that are connected by Alaska’s state ferries.

Southeast Alaska 2020 Economic Plan

The Final Southeast Alaska 2020 Economic Plan is now available.

Mid-Session Summit

Southeast Conference will host its annual Mid-Session Summit at the Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall on March 15th and 16th.
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Priority Objective Submittal Template

Read the report, fill in missing objectives at the end of each section. Pick an objective to elevate to priority status (or add a new one), and fill out this form.

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New Reports Posted

Just released: Southeast Alaska by the Numbers 2015, Southeast Alaska Business Climate Survey 2015, and Discussion Document Southeast 2020 Action Plan

Southeast Alaska by the Numbers 2015

This publication tells two stories about the regional economy: a positive tale of five-year trends, and a more sobering one-year analysis and future forecast. Over the last five years we added 2,600 people and 1,500 jobs to our economy. Total workforce earnings increased by $275 million, with most of that coming from the private sector ($209 million). With the exception of government, nearly every sector flourished. New jobs and investments occurred in the areas of seafood, tourism, mining, construction, healthcare, maritime, and energy.

Southeast Alaska Business Climate Survey 2015

The Southeast Alaska Business Climate Survey takes the “pulse” of our local business community and the economy. It is completed every five years to help us better understand the obstacles and advantages of owning and operating a business in Southeast Alaska. The survey tracks change in economic outlook over time by industry and community, along with tracking which institutions are most valuable to local businesses. Finally, it tracks private investment in the region.