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  • President Biden Approves Alaska Disaster Declaration
  • Landslide Victim’s Legacy Helps Haines Disaster Survivors
    Dozens of households remain displaced after the deadly landslide that claimed two lives in Haines earlier this month. Now, a “shop local” initiative — originally spearheaded by one of the disaster’s victims — is playing a role in helping the survivors.
  • Southeast Alaska SWOT Analysis 2020
    A SWOT analysis is an in-depth analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These regional SWOT analyses identify the region’s competitive advantages along with internal or external factors that keep us from realizing our potential. It helps answer the question, “Where are we now?” by identifying critical internal and external factors that speak to the region’s unique assets that we can leverage to maximize the economic potential of Southeast Alaska.
  • Join Southeast Conference in helping Haines
    There are many ways to show support and help displaced Haines residents – and many of you have done so already. The outpouring from the region and beyond has been amazing and inspirational. These are also very difficult times for the local businesses in Haines to stay open and employ the many friends and neighbors throughout this winter while recovering from overlapping disasters of the economy with no tourism and historically low fisheries and now the catastrophic natural disaster. Instead of sending physical donations, please consider donating instead to local businesses that can supply necessities and holiday gift items to displaced families. To facilitate donations to Haines’s businesses and to ensure that dollars are spent locally, the Haines Chamber will be extending its gift voucher program. Displaced residents that are currently receiving services will qualify to receive gift vouchers that can be used at all participating businesses. The program is designed for discretionary purchases but will be expanded to include groceries. Visit the Haines Chamber of Commerce for more info…
  • Over the past week, landslides and flooding have destroyed homes, damaged infrastructure and displaced numerous families in Haines. Here are some ways to assist the relief effort
    Haines Relief Support
  • The torrential rains this week has impacted all of Southeast Alaska and the forecast is for the storms to continue.
    The Governor is issuing a disaster declaration and all possible search & rescue and support services is being deployed to Haines.If you would like to personally donate to the recovery effort:
    Haines GoFundMe
  • Juneau community responds to landslide emergency in Haines
    “We know around 56 people are seeking immediate services due to ordered evacuation or stranded travelers that need to get  to their homes or to their next destination.”
  • Two Haines residents still missing after devastating landslide; Gov. Dunleavy declares emergency
    Four of the six people thought to be missing on Wednesday were accounted for
  • State, local organizations respond to Haines disaster
    Everyone from SAR specialists to tribal organizations to uniformed services are helping out.
    LIVE Virtual Biomass Tours
  • Alaska Marine Highway Taskforce Finalizes Recommendations
  • 2020 Southeast Conference Annual Meeting
    Videos and Speaker Presentations.
    Southeast Alaska Reeling as 17% of Jobs Are Lost During Pandemic And Fisheries Want Disaster Declarations

    Read the full story
  • Alaska’s Mariculture Industry: Creating New Opportunities for Prosperity and Resilience
  • Support for the Decker Family

    Julie Decker, Executive Director of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, has been a long-standing member with Southeast Conference and a powerful advocate for mariculture development in Southeast Alaska. On July 27, 2020, Julie and her husband Gig, suffered the devastating loss of both of their children, Helen (19) and Sig (21), in a motor vehicle accident. The children were in Petersburg commercial fishing to earn money for college. Please join us in supporting the Decker Family in this time of unimaginable tragedy and heartbreak.
  • 460 Southeast Alaska Business Leaders Weigh in on COVID Impacts and the Economy

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