Resolutions may be submitted by any member in good standing of Southeast Conference. Resolutions will be considered by the SEC membership at the Annual Membership Meeting of that calendar year.


All resolutions for this meeting must be received at the SEC office by July 31st. Resolutions will be referred to the appropriate SEC committee for recommendation. If approved by the committee it will go to the SEC Board of Directors for review prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. The SEC Board will present resolutions to the membership for their consideration during the Annual Membership Meeting.

General Criteria

  1. All resolutions must be in writing and electronic and follow the established format or they may be referred back to the original sponsor.
  2. Only issues of region-wide significance will be considered.
  3. All resolutions relating to an existing SEC committee must be approved by the committee prior to considerations by the SEC Board of Directors. All other resolutions will be reviewed by the SEC Board of Directors prior to presentation to the membership.
  4. Duplicate resolutions may be consolidated by SEC staff, with recognition of the original sponsor.

Late Submittals

  1. If you wish to submit a resolution after the July 31st deadline, it must be in the following format:
  2. It must be in writing and electronic and included the signatures of five (5) qualified members- one (1) of which must represent a municipality.
  3. It must be reviewed by the appropriate committee.
  4. It must meet the criteria listed above and be received by the Executive Director by 10am on the day prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.

Where to Send Resolutions

Resolutions should be mailed, emailed or faxed to:


Southeast Conference

P.O. Box 21989

Juneau, AK 99802
Fax: (907) 463-5670


FY11 Resolution Packet-Updated 02/22/11 
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