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Southeast Conference gives $20K in support of scholarships at UAS

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Southeast Conference has contributed another $20,000 to a scholarship endowment for University of Alaska Southeast students in the coming academic year.

This brings their total contributions to nearly $300,000 since 1998.

Southeast Conference Executive Director Robert Venables is enthusiastic about continuing their efforts even as the university faces the challenge of continued budget cuts.

“Of all the amazing resources we have here that surround us in Southeast Alaska, the most valuable are our students,” says Venables, “We are very proud to support them and the University of Alaska Southeast.”

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Southeast Conference believes an educated workforce and opportunities for lifelong learning are critical to the region’s future. There are so many opportunities in our region for our students.  We recognize the important role of the University of Alaska Southeast both as an economic engine for the region and as a key player in workforce development.  Further, we recognize the scholarship needs outside the university structure.

In 1992, Southeast Conference, in partnership with the University of Alaska Southeast, established a scholarship program to support residents of the region pursue educational and career goals consistent with our organization’s objectives.

In 2010, we established a separate student assistance fund to assist students with programs that are outside the University of Alaska Southeast system.

Scholarship funds have been raised through an auction that is generously supported by individuals and businesses throughout Southeast and conducted each year at the Southeast Conference Annual Membership Meeting. A portion of the funds go into the University of Alaska Southeast fund and the rest goes into the Southeast Conference Student Assistance fund.

Who May Apply

Southeast Conference Scholarships are available to students officially admitted to a degree or certificate program at the University of Alaska Southeast. This includes the Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka campuses and those taking courses by distance delivery. Applicants must be residents of Alaska, and must demonstrate their intent to reside in and contribute to the betterment of southeast Alaska.

How To Apply

Click here for an application

Southeast Conference Scholarship applications are available above, from the University of Alaska Southeast Financial Aid Office in the Novatney Building, Room 201, or by calling (907) 465-6255. The documents include the standard UAS financial aid application forms with a supplemental questionnaire specific to the Southeast Conference Scholarship.

Supplemental Application

The Selection Process

Applications for Southeast Conference Scholarships are reviewed by a committee comprised of members of Southeast Conference and a representative of the University of Alaska Southeast. Successful applicants will meet all requirements for financial aid as specified in the current UAS course schedule. Factors that may influence the award of Southeast Conference Scholarships include academic achievement, financial need and the type of degree or certificate program in which you are enrolled. Most favorable consideration is given to those enrolled in programs that support or are consistent with the goals of Southeast Conference. Consideration is additionally given to the applicant’s understanding of the region’s economic base and to their potential for contributing to the betterment of southeast Alaska.

Direct requests for Southeast Conference Scholarship Applications to:

University of Alaska Southeast
Financial Aid Office
Novatney Bldg: Top Floor
11120 Glacier Hwy (NOV 4)

Juneau, AK 99801
Info: (907): 796-6255
Fax: (907): 796-6250

To inquire about the potential benefits of contributing to the Southeast Conference Scholarship Endowment Fund, please contact:

Southeast Conference
P. O. Box 21989
Juneau, AK 99802 



Or call Southeast Conference info at (907) 586-4360