Markos moved to Southeast Alaska in 1982. Over the next several decades, he lived in Thorne Bay, Hollis, Klawock, and Ketchikan, including graduating from Ketchikan High School in 1986. Markos spent more than a dozen years working for Silver Lining and NorQuest Seafoods before attending law school and practicing fisheries business and maritime law for nearly 20 years. Now, Markos returns to his roots by pursuing kelp and oyster farming in Southeast Alaska. The pull of being part of the growth of a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and non-extraction based business was too great. Kelp and oyster farming also provides a new opportunity for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and renewable industries supporting economic growth for coastal Alaskans.

Markos is the current VP and has been a board member of the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation since 2007. AFDF promoted the Alaska Mariculture Initiative which resulted in the creation of the Alaska Mariculture Task Force.

Premium Aquatics, LLC (Seagrove Kelp Co.)
1150 Sunnyside Dr.
Craig, AK 99921
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