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Spruce Root and Southeast Conference each reached out to businesses across the region between March 20th and March 25th to gauge the level of disruption that COVID-19 is having on operations in order to better understand how to support regional small businesses during this difficult time.

Southeast Conference Southeast Alaska COVID-19 Business Impacts Survey

272 Southeast Alaska business leaders were asked how COVID-19 is impacting their businesses. Responding employers have already laid off 16% their total workforce due to the COVID-19 virus, with an average of 4 layoffs per organization. One-third of businesses expect to cut more staff shortly. One-third of respondents risk closing permanently. Click on links below to see results:

Spruce Root COVID-19 Business Needs Survey for Southeast Alaska

The COVID-19 Business Needs Survey had 126 responses. More than half of survey respondents were businesses in either the retail industry or in the leisure/hospitality industries, representing the sectors most directly impacted by the sharp decline in tourists visiting Alaska between now and July 1, 2020. Click on link below to see results:

The Southeast Conference survey was done in conjunction with Alaska Regional Economic Organizations across the state, and was aimed at understanding layoffs to date, remaining weeks of business viability, and supply chain disruptions. Spruce Root worked closely with the Juneau Economic Development Council, the Juneau Downtown Business Association and regional Chambers of Commerce to identify the financial needs of Southeast Alaskan businesses. Spruce Root will use this information to create an emergency financial product that can assist as quickly as possible.